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Future Research: Watch this space for further research on family planning 

Ongoing Pilot: Vihara in collaboration with Swasti, is currently trialing an FP intervention prototype in Mohamadpur Ahir district of Haryana. The prototype is a comprehensive toolkit for young couples that provides married men and women with ways to plan for, track and achieve their desired aspirations, all the while developing a comfort and understanding with their partners.


In India, the burden of contraception still falls
on women
Family planning in a post-COVID-19 world: Need for greater male engagement
Why Contraception Is Still ‘Women’s Business’ In India?
Can women’s economic empowerment drive
gender-based violence?
Men in Telugu states continue to treat sterilization as taboo
Insights from Outside British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology Volume 127, Issue 11, October 2020
Insights from Outside British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology   Volume 128, Issue 7, June 2021

Editorial Series 

Couples' Contraceptive Behaviour and COVID-19
Understanding the Impact of the Pandemic on Demand and Access – Blog in Sexual Reproductive Health Matters on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on couples’ contraceptive behavior and family planning choices
World Contraception Day – Why men must be part of the story
Blog in ALiGN (Advancing Learning and Innovation on Gender Norms) platform on the need to engage men in family planning through a gender transformative approach in India to improve contraceptive choices and make decision making equitable through open spousal communication. It also seeks to understand the underlying masculinities to meaningfully engage men as supportive partners in the family planning discourse.
Blog in India Development Review on the need to provide spaces for boys early on in their lives to gain knowledge on sex, relationships, pleasure and consent through a shift in educational content, media portrayal and parental styles. It aims to challenge toxic notions of masculinity and encourage vulnerability and help-seeking behaviour among young boys.
Article in Voice Male Magazine on the social aspirations of young men in India and the masculinity pressures they face along their various life stages. The article highlights the role of technology in helping men achieve forward thinking life goals while fulfilling the social expectations of being a man. It also throws light on the impact of COVID-19 in shaping family planning choices, aspirations and masculine roles.
International Center for Research on Women presents key findings from the Couple Engage project on spousal communication and decision-making processes that couples undertake around contraceptive use and family planning. The project highlights the importance of engaging men as equal partners in family planning, especially within the changing context of COVID-19.

In Focus

Why Should There be a Focus on Engaging Men in
Family Planning Interventions?
World Population Day Twitter Chat hosted by Dasra
11 July 2020
Contraceptives During COVID-19 - Engaging Men As Equal Partners : World Contraception Day Twitter Chat 26th September, 2020