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ID 6

Promote sex postive behaviours, , amongst young couples, along the lines of navigating consent, exploring partner preferences, mutual pleasure, safety and protection. Make the underlying connection between adherence to contraceptives and increased pleasure through enhanced possibilites of uninhibited sex and potentially higher sexual frequency.

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Key Design Challenges

  • Accelerating the couple’s successful adoption of a contraceptive method by encouraging them to use those methods that increases pleasure within sex 

  • Promote conversation between partners on consent, mutual pleasure within sex and comfort with chosen contraceptives

  • Encouraging collaborative decision-making on method of choice



The research findings showcased that there were some key prevalent issues pertaining to the act of sex between spouses. These included a lack of knowledge on the partner’s preferences for pleasure, seeking consent, and a general disregard towards the overall safety and protection aspects.

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Key Design Decisions

In addition to providing knowledge on these aspects, the design needed to address the process of shifting men’s perceptions about sex from being performative to that of mutual pleasure. The myth of contraception leading to reduced pleasure needed disruption. Messaging on contraception as enabling uninhibited sex and potentially enabling higher sexual frequency, had to be bolstered.

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Digital Concept

A digital visualization tool that gamefies perception management, in order to change the attitude of men towards communication, consent, mutual respect and pleasure.

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Physical Concept

A physical artefacts and print media campaign focusing on perception management in order to change the attitude of men towards communication, consent, mutual respect and pleasure, by acting as supplementary and supporting material to digital platforms




  • Men possess a smartphone and have the requisite skills to access the digital platform online.

  • Men are familiar with digital games.

  • Men have sufficient time available to engage with the platform.

  • Men have the requisite time available to access and use the platform.

  • Men possess basic reading skills in the regional language.



  • Men possess basic reading skills in the regional language that has been used in the narrative content.

  • Men have sufficient time available to engage with the content.



  • If used by married men, their wives may have an issue with the app and its features. If they do object, this might lead to plausible conflict/violence/ridicule. This risk is based on the assumption that wives would have access to their husbands’ phones as well as skills and knowhow to scan through content.

  • Promotes unhealthy obsession for fictional female characters among young men.

  • Promote sexualization and objectification of women further.

  • Increase pressure upon women to match up to the expectations set by fictional characters, which are overwhelmingly created by men.



Contextually Sensitive

Currently the local markets have a slew of magazines with adult content, additionally the distribution of porn through mobile recharge shops is rampant too. Leveraging this backdoor business for challenging stereotypical notions of sex, which is more performative to something that is based on consent and pleasure. This content makes way to coach men about healthy behaviors.

Gender Transformative

The concept repeatedly challenges dominant masculine notions on sex and pushes them to think about it on the lines of mutual communication, pleasure, consent, and safe sexual practices.


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ID 2

ID 2 - Provide Alternatives to Notions
of Couple Making

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ID 6

ID 6 - Encourage Sex Positivity for Mutual Pleasure